AGENT train-the-trainer workshop

The AGENT partner IPK Gatersleben hosted the first AGENT training on 7 and 8 March 2023 to train trainers from gene banks and research institutes and provide them with knowledge of AGENT tools for data management, processing and analysis within the WP5 data flow. Team leaders from 14 partner institutes sent 21 participants. Seven trainers prepared presentations, practical examples and exercises, and compiled teaching and information material to serve as input for a library of AGENT training material. In a very productive atmosphere, knowledge was imparted on the implementation of standards and tools for phenotypic and genotypic data, their adoption in the data flow and the data infrastructure. On the first half day, an overview and collection of material on the data flow, the EBI repositories ENA, EVA and BioSample as final data repository databases for genotyping data as well as the FAIRDOM instance at INRAE as staging area and EURISCO or the AGENT portal for phenotyping data were practically presented. In addition, concepts for machine linking of these repositories based on the Breeding API and the RESTful Service were shown. The second half-day focused on containerised analysis workflows. In an interactive session, participants used their own laptops to learn about the process of setting up and running the first version of the AGENT portable data analysis pipeline. With the help of an interactive collaborative writing session, a protocol document was created containing questions and answers as well as details of the sessions and links to training and presentation material that can be reused and will later be deposited at FAIRDOM.